⇒ Message from The Technical Program Committee Chair

Greetings from The Steering Committee Chair

Welcome to Yokohama and the 2006 Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference (APMC 2006). The Yokohama Bay Area is faced on the southwest coast of Tokyo Bay and lies about 30 km south of Tokyo. In the neighborhood of the city, there are many companies and laboratories dealing with microwave and related industries.

APMC 2006 is the 18th APMC, which started in 1986 in India, and the 5th to be held here in Japan. During that time, Microwave technologies made remarkable progress supported by civilian demands. We hold the conference under the theme of "Sail for the Microwave Ocean" at Yokohama, one of the eminent harbor towns in Japan.
APMC 2006 will be held at the Conference Center in PacificoYokohama, one of the largest convention centers in the world, located in the east coast of Yokohama. The details are given in this brochure.

At the Exhibition Hall adjacent to the Conference Center, an exhibition called "Microwave Exhibition 2006" will be held from December 13 to 15 as the part of APMC 2006. More than 300 companies dealing with Microwave and related industries will participate in this exhibition, not GREETINGS FROM THE STEERING COMMITTEE CHAIR only from Japan and the United States but also from all over the world. Technical Seminars about new technologies and products will be held. To add to all of this, an exhibition of Japanese microwave history and another exhibition by the universities and colleges will be held in the same hall.

While you are here for APMC 2006, you can visit the surrounding area. Yokohama is very famous for Chinatown, one of the biggest in Japan. To the south of Yokohama, there is Kamakura, a historical and cultural city as there was shogunal government from 1192 to 1333, where you can enjoy old shrines and temples.

I wish you will join APMC 2006 and sail for a wonderful voyage at the Microwave oceans, sailing into the brilliant future.

Masayoshi Aikawa
APMC 2006 Steering Committee Chair